"OPINION or FACT?" Online facilitation seminar (Oct. 23)

Opinions or Facts ~ How to utilize data to support your objective facilitation: International Facilitation Week 2021 event

This is an online event during the international facilitation week 2021.

When you facilitate a discussion, the conclusion may be based on the members’ opinions or ideas. If you want to lead the team to an objective and rational conclusion, you also need to rely on some “objective” information.

In this 60-minute-seminar, you will learn how to use data to facilitate discussion in more objective ways. 

We will focus on the following to catch and share the same information with your discussion member;

(i) Evaluation by data
(ii) Basic techniques of data visualization

This is a very basic learning seminar. Conducted by Yoshiki Kashiwagi, visiting professor of Tama Graduate School of Business in Japan.

No pre-requisites, just join us!



  1. 実務データ分析虎の巻Vol.41(現場のモチベーションが上がるデータ分析とは)

  2. 『データ&ストーリー』ウェブサイト リニューアル

  3. 実務データ分析虎の巻Vol.62(「満足度」を測るのは何のため?)

  4. 7/22 日経BP主催 大人気「仮説立案実践講座」実施します!

  5. インタビュー記事「先に原因と結果のストーリーを考えれば、データ探しに迷わない。データ分析における逆転の発想とは」

  6. 『100万社のマーケティング連載』行動経済学のマーケへの応用